Origen: Brasil

Fundación: 2010

Operación: Brasil

Sector: TI

Valorización: USD 1.8 billones

Rondas de financiación:

Serie A: Valor desconocido
Private Equity: USD 53.3 millones
Financiación de deuda: USD 190 millones
Private equity: Valor desconocido

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Chris Torto

CEO Ascenty
U.S. citizen permanently residing in Brazil since 1989. Chris was the founder and CEO of Vivax, the second largest cable TV company in Brazil started in 1995. He led Vivax’s IPO in 2006, which was later acquired by NET Serviços in 2007,. Chris was also the CEO of Voyager Inc., an Internet company that went public in 1999 (acquired by a U.S. telecomgroup in 2000). Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Maine and an MBA from Harvard University.