Origen: Argentina

Fundación: 2013

Operación: 20 países

Sector: Ciberseguridad

Valorización: USD 1.9 billones

Rondas de financiación:

Seed: USD 50.000
Serie A: USD 10 millones
Serie B: USD 15 millones
Serie C: USD 30 millones
Serie D: USD 55 millones
Serie E: USD 103 millones
Serie F: USD 120 millones

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Eugenio Pace

CEO at Auth0 – (he/him/his)
I co-founded Auth0, a technology company that builds awesome products. The first product we launched back in 2013, is a zero-friction identity management service that allows developers to easily, securely and scalably authenticate & authorize access to their apps. Billions of login requests are processed by our global platform. http://auth0.com http://blog.auth0.com We are passionate about technology and its application to solve problems and improve our industry and community. Before that, I worked for many years in the patterns & practices group at Microsoft (p&p). p&p delivers technical content to help developers build great solutions. I managed the PM team there and my areas of work were cloud computing, identity management and mobility. My personal blog is http://eugeniopace.org