Origen: Colombia

Fundación: 2019

Operación: Colombia

Sector: Ecommerce

Rondas de financiación:

Ronda Seed: USD 2.1 millones

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Jesús Marquez Presilla

CEO @ Dondo – We’re hiring
At Dondo we’re building the most efficient second hand marketplace for consumers in Latam. We have a different approach to this: our users can pay with possessions, skills, money or any combination of the three. Our purpose is about amplifying purchasing power for people by providing an ecosystem where anything you own or know is a liquid asset to get what you want. We already launched a very fun and engaging product for our community and our goal is to become into the safest marketplace ever, with the largest inventory diversity and the fastest delivery experience that ever existed. Let me know if you want to discuss more about Dondo jm@dondo.com. Our investors: – Eric Yuan (CEO @ Zoom) – Jerry Yang (Founder of Yahoo!, investor in Alibaba) – Ryan Smith (CEO @ Qualitrics, Owner @ Jazz NBA Team) – Geoff Yang (Founding Partner @ Redpoint Ventures) – Blake Irving (Former CEO @ GoDaddy and former Head of Windows Messenger) – Brad Silverberg (Former head of MS-DOS, Windows and Office) – Julia Popowitz (Former Deputy General Counsel at Facebook) – Bubba Murarka (Former VC @ DFJ, Led Android @ Early Facebook), – George Zinn (VP & Treasurer @ Microsoft) – David Travers (CFO @ ZipRecruiter, Executive assistant to the National Security Advisor of the White House) – Rick Thompson (Founder of XBox) – Scott Wagner (Former CEO @ GoDaddy, former Head of KKR Capstone) – Cameron Scott (CMO LegalShield/IDShield, Former Chief Brand Officer @ GoDaddy) – David Popowitz (SVP Corporate and Business Development at GoDaddy), – Ray Winbournen (CFO @ GoDaddy). – Zak Brown (CEO @ McLaren F1 Racing Team)