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Seed: USD 1.5 millones



Mariano Focaraccio
Preventing workplace accidents @ Drixit Technologies
Founder & CEO Drixit Technologies. Senior Growth Product Manager MURAL. – Drive product development with a team of engineers and designers – Lead product ideation, product testing, launch, end user training and rollout – Identify and deeply understand enterprise users – Work closely with the Head of UX and Head of Product to define the product strategy and delivering high quality features – Become the hub between sales and product – Provide direct project management leadership – Develop product pricing and positioning strategies – Translate product strategy into detailed requirements – Ensure we release high quality designs by testing and validating new features thoroughly – Be on top of the latest product enterprise trends and integrations – Manage the product backlog through continuous prioritization – Work with Engineering and User Experience leads to do weekly scrum planning Founder & CEO Gitcolony. Gitcolony is a peer code review tool that is building the next generation of pull requests: Gitcolony is based on three pillars: * Partial reviews: workflow system that allows teams to proactively review code as it’s being built instead of reactively waiting 2 weeks for a pull request. * Business rules engine: companies can set up and enforce their own custom rules to keep their code quality under control. We say: “Documents always compile” and it’s not enough for companies to write their code review guidelines. Gitcolony keeps everyone accountable! * QA integrated into the process: QA teams become a central part of the code approval process and they have integrated tools to report bugs and build automated tests from the browser.

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