Origen: Brasil

Fundación: 2011

Operación: 5 países

Sector: Delivery

Valorización: USD 1.2 billones

Rondas de financiación:

Serie A: USD 1.6 millones
Serie B: USD 4.6 millones
Serie C: USD 2 millones
Serie D: USD 5.7 millones
Serie E: USD 50 millones
Serie F: USD 30 millones
Serie G: USD 500 millones

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Carlos Eduardo Moyses

Corporate VP na iFood
Consolidated experience in leadership and business management. I have served as CEO and CFO for more than 10 years, facing scenarios of exponential growth, market building, branding positioning, merging strategies, team building and development, operations, logistics, technology and corporate areas, besides relevant background in accounting and treasury management. Began my career in Financial Planning in Safra Bank. With extensive experience in startups as entrepreneur and leader. Under my management, iFood scaled from 250K to well over 26,6MM monthly orders over the last 5 years, becoming the greatest foodtech in Latin America and one of the most successful food delivery start-ups in the world. iFood, in a daily basis, impacts millions of people, more than 250 thousand restaurants in more than 1300 cities with its purpose to revolutionize the food universe for a more practical and enjoyable life. iFood is changing habits, transforming relationships and providing new experiences to customers, restaurants and riders.