La Haus

Origen: Colombia

Fundación: 2017

Operación: Colombia y México

Sector: Proptech

Rondas de financiación:

Seed: USD 4.5 millones
Serie A: USD 10 millones
Serie B: USD 35 millones

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Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos

Founder & President at La Haus
Entrepreneur and investor. Founder of Jaguar Capital and La Haus. Company provides freedom of financial and geographical mobility, transforming the residential real estate industry through tech, data and service. Residential market inefficiencies create a geographical and financial trap for millions of Latin Americans. We’re transforming the industry through world-class technology, data, and service, all in favor of the consumer. Technology enables efficiency and ease, data brings transparency, and service provides the human touch to the most important financial decision most families make: buying a house. Wake up from your real estate nightmare, and find your dream home with La Haus.