Operación:Estados Unidos
Valorización:USD 300 millones
Rondas de financiación:Serie A: Valor no revelado<br> Serie B: USD 30 millones<br> Serie C: USD 85 millones<br><br>


Matias Muchnick
CEO & Founder at NotCo
CEO & Cofounder NotCo a Food-Tech company that leverages artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately develop plant-based foods that appeal to the mass market. Cofounder & COO EGGLESS Chile’s first food company to develop and launch healthy plant-based foods in traditionally animal-based categories. Achieved placement in leading retail chains (Chile): Walmart, Jumbo and Unimarc. Eggless Mayonnaise was the number one pick in the alternative mayo aisles nationwide by December 2014. Successful Exit in 2015. CEO & Founder Gamified wellness Mobile App created to incentive and leverage healthy living by granting users with real prizes when accomplishing a given challenge – in the categories of exercise, dieting, resting, meditation - Project Sponsored by The Chilean Government (Programa Elige Vivir Sano). Intensive training in global market research, portfolio construction, data and foreign exchange analysis. Received the awards of Best Portfolio Manager and Best presentation Skills.
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