Orca BIO

Origen: Brasil

Fundación: 2016

Operación: Estados Unidos

Sector: Biotech

Rondas de financiación:

Seed: Valor desconocido
Serie A: Valor desconocido
Serie B: Valor desconocido
Serie C: Valor desconocido
Serie D: USD 192 millones

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Ivan Dimov

Co-Founder and CEO at Orca Bio
I am an entrepreneurial, PhD engineer specializing in electronics and bio-micro-systems who enjoys and thrives in multidisciplinary, multicultural environments. I co-founded three high-tech companies and two R&D Centers. I have authored over 30 technical publications and 20 patents. I have practical experience in the implementation and supervision of more than 40 successfully executed high-tech projects. I am always looking forward to novel and high impact challenges, even outside of my “comfort zone”. Specialties: microfluidics, molecular diagnostics, integrated assays, single cell analysis, cell based assays, AI, mechatronics, electronics, mobile robotics, microcontrollers, PCB design