Origen: Ecuador

Fundación: 2011

Operación: Estados Unidos

Sector: TI

Valorización: USD 2.7 billones

Rondas de financiación:

Serie A: USD 10 millones
Serie B: USD 17.5 millones
Serie C: USD 30 millones
Serie D: USD 65 millones
Serie E: USD 114 millones
Serie F: USD 50 millones

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Manny Medina

We Help Companies Increase Revenue With Sales Engagement at Outreach.io.
CEO of Outreach, the #1 Sales Engagement Platform. Previously led GroupTalent, Microsoft’s Windows phone Business Development team in Latin America and Canada. Prior to that, engineered Amazon’s compensation system for Amazon Associates (the web’s largest and most successful affiliates business) and Web-Services which accounts for 15% of A’s traffic. MBA from Harvard Business School, MS in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania.