«La innovación no es nada para mi, la innovación realmente existe en las vidas de nuestros clientes; y no tiene sus raíces en la tecnología ni en los atributos de nuestras ofertas, simplemente la innovación son nuevas ofertas que hacen los clientes para lograr el progreso que desean en sus vidas personales y profesionales¨, Taddy Hall.

Además en esta entrevista, Taddy Hall, Socio Senior de Lippincott, una boutique de el innovación y diseño de Nueva York, también nos coparte su visión sobre los desafíos que tienen las startups y grandes empresas en el mundo, cómo ve el ecosistema empresarial en América Latina y los libros y lecturas que recomienda.


Taddy Hall
Innovation Adviser at Lippincott
Taddy is a Senior Partner in the Innovation Practice at Lippincott and one of the world’s leading innovation experts. Specializing in product development, innovation process improvement and organizational transformation, Taddy helps senior executives around the world to improve innovation outcomes and drive growth. Over the last 15-years, Taddy has collaborated with Harvard Business School Professor and innovation authority, Clayton M. Christensen, on numerous advisory and research projects. Together they co-authored multiple articles in the Harvard Business Review along with a bestselling book on Jobs Theory and the science of customer choice, Competing Against Luck, released in October, 2016. Prior to joining Lippincott, Taddy was a Principal and Leader of Strategic Innovation at The Cambridge Group, where he helped companies create regular, scalable innovation success. Taddy also led Nielsen’s Breakthrough Innovation Project and was the lead author of the annual Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report from 2012-2016. Taddy began his career with the venture capital firm, Advent International, working both in the US and Latin America. He then transitioned from finance to operations, managing five venture backed businesses. Taddy also served as the Chief Strategy Officer for the Advertising Research Foundation (2003-2008) where he leveraged deep expertise in media, digital technologies and market research to help senior executives develop the insights to fuel innovation and growth. Throughout the past 20 years, Taddy has worked actively as a mentor and Senior Advisor for Endeavor, a network of 2000+ high-impact chief executives in emerging markets. A frequent speaker and author, his articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Chief Executive and CMO Magazine. Taddy also co-authored The Online Advertising Playbook in 2007.


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