Jaguar Ventures, el fondo que apuesta por jinetes y no por caballos.

Jaguar Ventures es un fondo de inversión que busca empresas disruptivas de tecnología en la región, empresas que principalmente utilicen la banda ancha móvil para llegar a un número enorme de usuario.

Su filosofía, apostar por lo jinetes y no por los caballos, trabajar de la mano de los emprendedores, ayudarlos a escalar el modelo de negocio y diseñar conjuntamente estrategias que les permita conquistar y ser players importantes en toda la región.

Jaguar Ventures empezó operación en 2014 con un primer fondo de USD 10 millones para empresas de México y Argentina, ahora tienen otro fondo de USD 70 millones para seguir invirtiendo en empresas de toda la región. Respaldados por nuestros ambiciosos inversores, se asocian con emprendedores valientes que crean empresas de alto impacto .


Cristobal Perdomo
Co-Founder and General Partner at Jaguar Ventures LP
Entrepreneurship has been the constant in my life. Starting with my first venture at the age of 17, I’ve never stopped. I believe entrepreneurs are society’s engine of progress and that one idea partnered with unstoppable grit can change the world. I’m a contrarian at heart. Taking the road less traveled and hard work can make all the difference. You cannot do what everybody does and expect different results. I studied and practiced law – becoming a partner at a law firm would have been the natural road to success. But it didn’t feel right, and I took a different path. I’m thankful for it every day. I’m a resolute optimist. Things can be better, and we can make them better. Whether we think we can or think we cannot, we’re both right. It is our choice whether to focus on how everything can go wrong or on how we can improve our situation. This is the essential entrepreneur super power. I love underdogs. It is easy to root for the perennial champion running with the wind at their back. It takes sinew to carry on when you know that victory is not only difficult buy highly improbable. This must explain my love for the Cubs and Cruz Azul 😉 There is no success without some degree of luck. But it is not the ‘I won the lottery!’ kind of luck. It is the ‘I prepared so hard for this opportunity that when it knocks on my door, I’ll be ready’ kind of luck that matters. The more you put in the effort and put yourself out there, the luckier you’ll be. Teamwork is the key to great achievements. The myth of the lonesome genius coming up with the breakthrough idea is only a myth. Long lasting success can only be built when you are able to convince those better than you to join your cause. My greatest achievement is the family I’ve built, and it is because I was able to convince a much better person than I to be my wife. I encourage you to drink deeply from good books for I know no wise people who aren’t readers. If you’d like to know more about me, I sometimes share my thoughts with the world.


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