Nuvemshop / Tiendanube

Origen: Argentina

Fundación: 2011

Operación: Argentina y Brasil

Sector: Ecommerce

Rondas de financiación:

Seed: USD 1 millón
Serie A: Valor desconocido
Serie B: USD 7 millones
Serie C: USD 30 millones
Serie D USD 89 millones

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Santiago Sosa

Co-Founder & CEO at Nuvemshop | Tiendanube
Enabling commerce in LATAM. Independent Board Member InvertirOnline.com. Mobile and Cloud Computing Research Engineer Infosys Technologies Ltd. I participated in a two month internship at Infosys’ headquarters in Bangalore, India. I was responsible for the design and implementation of an Android Geolocation application that enabled people to enjoy and track progress of outdoor activities such as: cycling, running or walking. We gathered location information, calculated performance metrics (e.g.: speed, distance) and shared them with our users in a friendly manner. The application was developed natively on Android, and synchronized data on the cloud using Google App Engine service and REST APIs.